From Singapore.

Hello from Singapore from two former Dutch Hopmoggers Abel and Adrienne!

We are currently ‘stuck’ in Singapore but that is by no means a hardship posting. It is probably one of the few places on the planet where you are still allowed to go out for a beer with a mate at the moment.

Although the climate is great, both meteorologically and fiscally, Singapore is not very suitable for morganeering. On this small island of 280 square miles, which is only a quarter of the area encircled by the M25, there is a complete lack of winding country roads and hedgerows. On top of that, you have to buy a certificate of entitlement to be allowed to drive a car for ten years. This certificate can cost as much as the car as there is a fixed amount of certificates based on road capacity and an auction system. Even if you are not Dutch, that is an eye watering amount of money.

So that makes us poolside/armchair morganeers at the moment. Reminiscing about our past Morgan adventures with our 4/4 in the UK and later our +4  in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Whilst at the same time spending hours on the online car configurator planning/dreaming our future escapades.

  Thinking back, our Morgans were always our only, and consequently, our everyday cars. We can highly recommend this. In the UK we did multiple IKEA runs with our 4/4.

 It is amazing how many flat packs you can get on and in a Morgan. Especially when fitted with a Librands luggage rack. We think you have a higher load factor in a Morgan than a mid-size family tin top. On our tour of Southern Ireland, a trunk, two golf bags and folding chairs were also easily handled. Of course the rear shocks had to be replaced after a while.

In Luxembourg and Switzerland we would try to find and follow the local motorcycle clubs. They would always new the most exhilarating and scenic drives. Of course, in those places you have real winters and regulations regarding winter tyres. We fitted Goodyear four seasons tyres that we could keep on all year round and still be legally compliant. The only advice we are qualified to give regarding winter driving is that you shouldn’t overtake a gritting lorry with the roof down. We can assure you it hurts.

We are looking forward to having more time in retirement to do long term rugged touring in different parts of the world. To that end we are looking for tips from the wonderful MSCC community on how to pimp a Morgan for expedition morganeering in places like Africa, Australia or South America. How would we need to prep and upgrade the car? Please let us know if you have any tips or ideas. Also when it comes to shipping , storing, paperwork, all inputs welcome. We can be reached on

 For now we wish everyone happy armchair morganeering , planning your next adventure so that you are ready when the lights turn green again.

Abel van Staveren and Adrienne Kouwenhoven

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