From Sally and Arthur at home in Kent

“Very sad to report that 2 weeks into self-isolation, its upsetting to see Arthur standing at the window gazing aimlessly into space tears running down his cheeks. It breaks my heart to see him like this I have even considered letting him in. But rules are rules…”

Actually, I think he is delighted to be in the garden, the minute he steps inside the back door gets at least added to his list!!

It’s working though, the conifer hedge in our front garden which hasn’t been touched in two years has now been beautifully cut back and although it took 3 days to complete (a long hedge!), it was an interesting experience. I was appointed Assistant Gardener…that was weird, I am normally Project Manager…What happened there? Anyway I was happy as I could now add “Garden Sack Filler” to my C.V

When we started the road side of the hedge we saw people that we hadn’t seen for years and caught up on all their news; the local police gave us a thumbs up of approval when driving past; the bus drivergot to know us very well and would push his horn in encouragement and there would be the ococassional “Wow that looks great” from people we had never seen but live in the vicinity.

The experience opened our eyes as to how we filled our lives too much to do the simple but important tasks that have had to take a back seat. We decided we have been busy for the sake of being busy and like a lot of people we like to chat amongst our friends and family about how busy we all are. So for us, this period of self isolation has been very humbling and being busy has taken on a new meaning.

However, I do know that when this is all over Arthur is going to enjoy being busy volunteering back at the garage on a Friday and I will definitely enjoy the house all to myself again. Keep safe everyone

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