From Kevin and Kay at home in Surrey.

Well we are now into our fourth week of being at home and it seems that I have got into quite a good routine to help me through these challenging times. Pleased to say that Kay is coping well and we have no problem with food, although last week Kay went to Sainsbury’s. It took two hours in the sun, fortunately. The first hour was queuing just to get into the shop, with everyone separated accordingly in the queue. Once inside it was fine and most things available. Ordering from Ocado online was the first time a long wait to get to the front of the queue and a delivery slot was over a week away. No chance so far of another delivery slot.

I am missing the gym and my flat white at the coffee shop in Chobham. However I have set up a routine and that works well for me. I do a ninety minute home gym in the morning, followed by a late breakfast and coffee. Then I attack the garden. I have completed two small project so far and the sad news is I have sufficient projects to last till this time next year.

I look at the Morgan every day and pat the cowl. I pushed the car into the drive last week, with a view to running the engine up to temperature. This I did and much to my surprise the car jumped into reverse and then first and drove round the block. That being all of five minutes. The amazing thing is the car did this twice.

I am as you all are looking forward to getting back to normal and the wonderful breakfast gatherings at BHM. My money is on September, but I hope I’m wrong and it’s much sooner.

Lastly we have been making great use of WhatsApp and Zoom. In fact my Gentlemen’s drinking group met last night, with  beer on a Zoom pub call. Family call tonight. It’s great to be able to keep in touch. I hope that you are all well and whatever you do Stay safe.

Kev and Kay

Kev and Kay

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