Life Goes On Around The World

It is unusually quiet here. Shops, Restaurants, Hotels are all shut and almost all other Businesses. Pharmacy’s are open and Supermarkets [all of which are smallcompared to UK Supermarkets] . The Supermarkets are full of produce, mainly because the local people do not “over shop”. Roads are mostly always empty. Except for this morning when a little boy was determinedly and proudly peddling his toy car down the middleof the road whilst his Father ran alongside on the pavement. . . . . Access to the beach here is denied. I do not know why. A wide strip of land with grass and trees and flowers [ on the way into Town ] has permanent Sports equipment located all the way in.This is frequently used every day. . . .But not now . I am inventing jobs to do indoors and venturing out for daily walks to watch the Birds playing. They do not know that there is a Virus, but are enjoying the lack of Human Beings about. Best Wishes to you all Tony in the Algarve

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