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Welcome to Brands Hatch Morgans


    Whilst we are sorry to report that we are again currently in lockdown we will be able to invite you back to our showrooms from 2nd December.  We need to operate under strict guidelines to keep us all safe from this bizarre and dreadful virus which has changed life as we know it.
    So, please may we ask you to:
    1. Make an appointment;
    2. Be prepared to give information prior to your visit which will enable us/our insurers to offer you a test drive;
    3. Respect distances between people and bring/wear whatever precautionary equipment you feel necessary/appropriate.

    We believe our clients are mature, intelligent people who we expect to be present in small numbers so we do not propose to put yellow tape on the floor or erect Perspex screens. We respect your judgement and comfort levels and aim to maintain that behaviourally.
    In return we will:
    1. Provide hand sanitiser and disinfect the cars you wish to drive between visits;
    2. Maintain social distancing;
    3. Provide all the information you need to enable you to enjoy your visit.
    As regards servicing, repairs, MOTs and other work we continue to offer transport solutions and/or “human-free handovers”. We also remain able to help with recovery, repairs, breakdowns, MOTs and maintenance for your other cars too. Keith is still operating “Keiths Clinic” consultancy from home – any aspect of ownership or concern or technical query welcome – just e-mail sarah@morgan-cars.com (acting as liaison officer)!

    If there is anything you can’t easily find via the website do visit us here in Borough Green or contact us on 01732 882017 – have a look at “about us/whos who” to decide the best person to speak to!!


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